Introducing the OCCTONE “Elmore Supreme” Booster:

Brutal, Beautiful and all points in between!

Soundclips(click on text to listen): 

1. Amp set for slight break-up, Elmore hits front end  for more distortion/overdrive

2. Clean Amp, Elmore set for unity gain, after Distortion pedal, used to smooth and thicken tone

3. Clean amp, Elmore used after distortion pedal to Boost volume

The  OCCTONE “Elmore Supreme”  feature set:

TRUE MECHANICAL BYPASS with LED status indicator(water clear violet)

2.1 mm BOSS style barrel 9 volt DC center negative power input or battery power.

VOLUME CONTROL:  set to unity gain to gently smooth out your tone and make it bigger or more focused sounding,  on up to brutal amounts of output to totally pummel your beloved tube amps front end into harmonic bliss.

CUT  CONTROL:  Turned fully counter-clockwise(to the minimum) the Cut control

is completely out of the circuit giving “Elmore” a huge open sound with

a nice shimmer on the top end. As the Cut control is turned up it Cuts

presence frequencies and smooths out the top end, perfect for use

after that favorite fuzz/distortion/or overdrive, where you want to boost

volume for solos and also smooth out the harsh high end to

get that violin like tone.

Handmade in NYC one at a time on a per order basis, each pedal is crafted from the  best sounding components available, carefully selected based on tone not hype!

Introductory pricing  of $189  plus $10 shipping in the continental USA

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